Sippy Cups and Spills

Today is a rough day. It’s got me thinking about why, why do I love being a mom. You know sometimes you just have to take a minute to remind yourself of the good things. So that all these bad ones crowding your day don’t seems so bad.
Let’s start with sippy cups. I hate those damn things! Every single one of them leak. I don’t care how fancy they are, how many promises the packaging makes, or what country they are made in…they leak. So, I have decided that I am going cold turkey with the twins. We are now using small drinking glasses. Because despite knowing that those cups are going to leak, you get lax…you’re lured into a feeling a safety by that valve. You know no good will come from this, and yet you just half-heartedly ask them to go back to the table with that milk/juice/water. So later when you get a minute to relax, you can drop heavily into that comfy chair…and get mystery wet pants. I hate mystery wet pants. Almost as much as I hate laundry, and getting dressed in the morning; (because of the finding an outfit I feel comfortable/remotely attractive in) so no way am I going to change my pants. (Besides, my shirt is likely already spotted with spit up, so now I match, right?)This results in my wearing of the pants despite their mystery wet status. Meaning until they dry, I feel this cold wet spot and it’s awful…though not quite as awful as the changing…apparently. Anyway, lately there has been too many mystery wet pants occurrences. AND they are 2 ½- time to ditch the sippy cups before they start dating.
So we have graduated, to small drinking glasses. This is a nightmare, but at least I won’t end up sitting on a wet spot in my rocking chair. And it’s a good thing, as long as you don’t fill them up too much. Because, learning to use them involves a learning curve. So we have lots of spills. Like LOTS of spills. So, I have learned to just pour very small amounts of liquid. Adapt and overcome right… but now consider that small pours mean that instead of filling that glass once, you now have to be ready to fill, and fill, and fill again. I know, sounds like heaps of fun right?
So, now I want to discuss all the things I love about this process and how I am coping with the things I don’t love about it…
Let’s start with coping so we can end with love. I prefer to end with love, it puts me in a better mood. I am coping with the lots of spills by wearing a dish towel over one shoulder to counter the burp cloth over the other (for the 4-month old, not the twins). I also am no longer sitting down or walking away from the kitchen when there is anything in those cups. This is good, it makes my stay more active and keeps me from the frustration of having to stop whatever I would have started, to clean up the spill. Also, being so close means that my reaction time is down, this means I can catch the spill before it really spreads. I am keeping shoes on to prevent mystery wet socks, and sticky icky feet. Those are both completely unacceptable to me. I have enacted a once a day rule where moping is concerned; this only works for me thanks to the magic of wipes. Spot cleaning means that the sticky floors are kept to a minimum and I don’t get so upset about spills on the freshly mopped floor.
Things I love: those adorable little drinking glasses. I mean seriously is there anything cuter than tiny cups in tiny hands? As it is; I am obsessed with glassware, now I can get a whole new collection going. I am going to need at least 8 tiny drinking glasses, right? I love my new found appreciation for the dog, he loves to come in the house and spot clean the floors for me. And the kids love when he gets to come in and play. I love the boys using their precious little voices to ask for more of whatever is in the cups. I love the exclamations of ‘uh-oh’ and ‘pilled, momma pilled’. I love the looks of concern they get when that dripping is going on. The personalities around here are too much for words. I love that before I go to bed, I clean the kitchen floor. I mean I actually go to bed feeling an appreciation for my own hard work.
So, tomorrow when we have more spills, I will just smile and listen for the concerned little exclamations. Because soon enough; they will just clean it up themselves without saying ‘uh-oh’. (I know, I’m a little delusional) They won’t get all wide-eyed and worried. So I am loving these little spills because they will be gone before I realize it.

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